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Rules for obtaining "approved cattery" status.

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Rules for obtaining

§ 1 The physical conditions.
Permanent accomadation of cats in show cages or cages that are similar to these in size, may not be used. If cats cannot go free in the house, the following must be observed:

The cats must have an airy but draught free room, with light from a window which they can look out of. The room must be warmed as the cats require. The room must be kept clean.

The cats living room floor space must be a minimum of 2,5 mē per cat, however the room must not be less than 6,0 mē and with acceptable roof height. The living room must take into consideration the risk of infection and not house more than 10 adult cats. The room ought to have an outdoor run attached.

The living room must be supplied with beds on many different levels, also climbing posts and scratching boards. There must be enough beds for the number of cats. There must be sufficient litter boxes for the number of cats with absorbent litter.

§ 2 The cat's needs
A cat must always have her kittens indoors.

Cats must at all times be in condition and appear harmonious.

All cats in a JYRAK approved cattery must be vaccinated according to FIFe's recommendation and the vaccination certificate must be shown to JYRAK's consultant on demand.

§ 3 Approval
The breeder who organises their cattery as described above, and if the cattery is a aproved by a consultant in colaboration with a committee member, can get their cattery approved by the club.

The committee can appoint a replacement for a committee member/consultant. The replacement is accountable to the committee.

A member who wishs to get their cattey approved, must have an inspection within 3 months of the application. The inspections are arranged with the committee co-ordinator.

Should such an approval result, directly the term "Approved Cattery" may be used.

The cattery must have the approved every 3 years and the diploma renewed.

During the approved period can the club visit the cattery unannounced.

If there is a change of address, the approval falls away and the cattery must apply again.

By the end of the "Approved Cattery" must the diploma and cattery sign be returned to the clubs co-ordinator.

§ 4 Honary persons
Persons, who are called to an honary post in JYRAK, must have their cattery/cat room approved by the club within 3 months after the appointment.