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Jydsk Racekatteklub was founded in 1934, and is the largest of Danish FIFe affiliated clubs through membership of Felis Danica. JYRAK´s members represent almost all breeds within the FIFe cat fancy.

To be the largest club in Denmark club makes us responsible to stay updated on all things cat fancy. JYRAK therefore makes sure that we are continuously up to date with the developement within the fancy. We do our very best to service our members the best way possible.

Help from a Consultant

JYRAK has a group of consultants spread all over the country. The consultants are experienced breeders who voluntarily share their knowledge and experience with other breeders or cat owners.

JYRAK's consultants are ready to assist you in any way they can in regards to both pedigreed cats and domestic cats.

The consultants have many years of experience in the cat fancy and whether you are member or not, you only need to pick up the phone and call one of our consultants to get answers regarding the following:

  • Colour judgement and sex of cat
  • Advice and guidance regarding the sale and purchase of a pedigreed cat
  • Advice on behavioural problems
  • Rules regarding the keeping of cats
  • Help and advice regarding replacement of cats
  • Breeding, births and kittens
  • Nutrition and grooming
  • Keeping a sire/fertile male cat
  • Shows and pedigrees
  • Nursing and nursing hot line

JYRAK also has an expert consultant for contagious diseases, who is available with advice and guidance in regards to illness among the cats.

Kitten List

As a member of JYRAK, you have the possibility of advertising your kittens on JYRAK's Kitten List. Your entry goes straight into the online kitten list.

Approved Cattery

JYRAK can offer its members the approval stamp of ”Approved Cattery”.

An approval of a cattery is only given by JYRAK at the request of the breeder.

An ”Approved Cattery” is obtained after one of JYRAK's consultants together with a member of the board has visited the breeder and been able to confirm the following:

The cat lives as a member of the household
The room or rooms in which the cat lives are light and of a reasonable size in comparison the the amount of cats.
There is light and fresh air to ensure the cats have the possibility of play, movement and developement.
The stamp of approval is a sign that the physical surroundings are in order and that the breeder is a responsible person, who does his outmost in order to ensure the wellfare of his/her cats.

JYRAK's Local Groups

JYRAK has local study groups 3 places in the country.
Whether you are a member or not, you may participate in the local study groups.

This is a local gathering of cat lovers taking place aprox. once per month. You may attend lectures, discussions, films, expeditions, hobby shows, cattery visits or just meet for a nice "cat chat".

The activities of the various local groups and programs can be found on JYRAK's home page or in the KatteMagasinet.

The local groups are to be found in the following areas: Randers, Horsens and Herning.

JYRAK's Shows

JYRAK arranges at 6 yearly international shows.

We try to visit both large cities and smaller towns in order to promote the cat fancy. Most of the shows are two day - 2 certificate shows.

There are usually between 500 - 600 cats attending these shows. Cats and judges are from all over Europe.


JYRAK can be contacted by e-mail at the following address: info@jyrak.dk or you may contact the Chairman of the Board for JYRAK directly at fomand@jyrak.dk.

You may find further information regarding the members of the board on JYRAK'S Members of the Board or in the KatteMagasinet.