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Rules for obtaining "approved cattery" status.

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JYRAK statues

Chapter I

§ 1
The club's name is Jydsk Racekatte Klub. The club is founded on the 4th March 1934, the original name was Aarhus Pure Bred Cats Club.

§ 2
The aim of the club is to promote greater interest in the breeding of pure bred cats.

§ 3
The club is domiciled at the chairman's address.

§ 4
The club is a member of National Association Felis Danica and through this is affiliated to Federation Internationale Feline (FIFe).

§ 5
Anyone interested in the aims of the club can become a member. Joining is via the club's giroaccount and/or the club's treasurer. On joining the new member receives a copy of the club's rules, together with the regulations concerning the setting up of a cattery and proper cat facilities. Membership becomes effective 14 days after the subscription fee is paid into the club's giroaccount. Postal service receipts are valid membership cards. Subscription renewals are due 31/12. Resignations must be in writing to the club's treasurer.

Membership may be refused should the committee find grounds for it. Such a refusal is put to the vote at the next General Assemblyæ see 12

§ 6
The annual subscription fee is fixed at the General Assembly. Persons from the same household as a member get full membership rights at a reduced subscription.

§ 7
Should a member act against the club's promise or objectives or be in contravention of FIFe's regulations, the committee can, unanimously suspend membership until the next General Assembly.

A member whose membership is suspended must receive written notice about this. During the time the member is suspended, the member may not receive in services from either the club or Felis Danica.

At the next General Assembly, the member should be recomended for expulsion , which requires a 2/3 majority decision. Medlemmet skal have mulighed for at være til stede og tale sin sag.

Should an expelled member later wish to again become a member of the club, the mattermust be dealt with at the next General Assembly.

§ 8
The General Assembly is the club's highest authority.

All decisions are made by a simple majority vote apart from proposals concerning an amendment to an act or a proposal for the dissolution of the club, which requires at least a 2/3 vote for the proposal to carry.

The voter has to be a member over 16 years. A member must be at least 18 years to be considered for the committee. To be elligible for ellection to the committee, a person must have been a member of the club for at least 6 months.

The minutes of the General Assembly are worked out by the secretary. They are introduced into the minute book and signed by the chairman. The report is sent out to the members within 2 months after the General Assembly via JYRAKs homepage, e-mail or letter.

§ 9
Ordinary General Assembly is held every year before the 31st March, but before the National Association Felis Danica's General Assembly, in this way proposals for the Felis Danica's General Assembly can first be put up for discussion in the club's top organ. The General Assembly is called by the chairman, with a minimum of 14 days notice. Notice of the General Assembly must be via the club's magazine or by the sending of special notices to the members.

Ordinary General Assemblies are held in rotation in the following towns: Århus - Odense - Esbjerg - Ålborg.

Proposals, that need to be dealt with, must be sent in writing and signed , to the chairman, by registered mail; they must be sent no later than the 15th December. While an Extrodinary General Assembly is held as stated in 10. Proposals are sent to the members, before the General Assembly, via JYRAK's homepage, e-mail or post.

On receipt of the proposals, can the proposed amendments be put to the General Assembly.

The agenda will contain at least the following points.

1. Election of chairman
2. Report on the work of the past year and plans for the coming year.
3. Statement of the revised accounts.
4. Proposal of the budget.
5. Proposals received, including those for Felis Danica.
6. Deciding the subscription fee.
7. Election
a. Chairman for 2 years
b. 8 Committee members ( half to be elected every year)
c. 2 Substitues (elected every year)
d. 2 Accountants (elected every year)
e. 2 Substitute accountants ( electected every year) Substitute - assistant?
8. Any other business

§ 10
Extrodinary General Assemblies are held in the following circumstances:
1. When the chairman requires it.
2. When at least 5 committee members put forward a written demand for one, with the agenda.
3. When at least 10% of the members put forward a written demand for one, with the agenda.

§ 11
The committee elected at the General Assembly, as stated in 9, under Agenda, point 7, consists of 9 members elected for a 2 year period. In odd years the chairman and 4 committee members are elected and in even years 4 committee members are elected.

After the General Assembly the chairman calls for a committee meeting where the work is divided among the committeemembers. The division of work are published in the members magazine. The committee lays down the order of business. The committee can call in members from outside of the committee to assist in the clubs work. The post of vice chairman and treasurer shall however always be held by committee members.

§ 12
The committee handles the club's daily management and takes responsibility for it under the General Assembly and must, for instance, obtain approval for essential, exceptional plans.

The club is represented by the chairman, treasurer and 2 committee members. The treasurer and/or the chairman can manage the giroaccount and the bank account, and are answerable to the committee.
The chairman can convene a committee meeting deemed necessary or when 5 committee members request it.
The chairman heads the committees work. The committee is a quorum when at least 5 members are present at a meeting. If possible where the number of votes in the committee are equal, the chairman's is the deciding vote. The secretary enters the decisions into a ledger and they are signed by those present.
Bestyrelsen kan lade afholde kursus, orientering og møder, ligesom den kan nedsætte arbejdende udvalg, alt til fremme af klubbens liv og trivsel jf. formålsparagraffen.
The committee can arrange courses, information and meetings and can can form working committees, everything to promote the club's life and well being,
The committee can refund a members expenses incurred in the arranging of club affairs on behalf of the committee.

§ 13
The club's financial year is a calendar year. The audited balance sheet is sent to the chairman who presents it to the committee.
The balance sheet is sent out to the members before the Ordinary General Assembly via JYRAKs homepage, e-mail or post.
The balance sheet with enclosures is taken by the treasurer. The treasurer presents the balance sheet at the General Assembly.
The club's founds must be certified in the club's name. ????????

§ 14
The committee prepares, on the basis of the club's activities for the coming year, a proposed budget, which is submitted at the Ordinary General Assembly, at the same time the committee puts forward proposals for the following years subscriptions.

§ 15
The chairman is the regular representative to the National Association Felis Danica's General Assembly and heads the club's representation at the General assembly. The rest of the representatives are selected from the committee.

§ 16
The committee can allow substitutes to participate in the committee meetings etc. They have however not got voting rights on committee matters. Substitutes should be made to participate in the clubs management. If a committee member is absent.

§ 17
At the General Assembly they call on the accountant to make an audit of the club's bookkeeping, cash balance, securities, equipment as the accountant finds necessary.
A spot check on the cash can be carried out when the accountant deems it necessary.

Kapitel II
Chapter II

§ 18

Jydsk Racekatte Club's consultant works according to the directive from the committee.
A sub committee consisting of:
The consultant's contact person on the comittee
2 committee members
2 consultants choosen by the consultant
propose according to the written criteria suitable candidates and prove them suitable as consultants.
The committee appoints the clubs consultants from the choice of proposed candidates.
The consutants should be selected from those candidates who fullfill a minimum of 4 of the following criteria.
1. can communicate with a cat owner in such a way that the cat owner feels confident and also receives qualified guidence.
2. has a certain interest in consultants work
3. has been breeding for at least 4 years
4. are keen to broaden their knowledge about cats, breeding etc. by attending courses arranged by the club.
5. have been active in club work
6. have displayed special knowledge about cats
7. is in possession of other relevant knowledge

Their aims in the consultants appointment, for instance, help with nationwide activities.
It is the consultant's task to work as a guide for members in all matters concerning cat groups.
The consultant's work takes place under the club's training.

The consultants make written reports on recent consultants meetings before the ordinary General Assembly.

The consultants contact person makes reports to the committee.